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Suffering from the Vapours

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Procrastinating academic seeks livejournal account for fulfilling, one-sided relationship, no strings attached. I get to talk endlessly about myself; you get to listen. Must have GSOH and be rendered tearful by the end of Villette. Non-smoker preferred.
a la carte catholicism, absurdity, academia, alsatian riesling, anchoresses, armchairs, art galleries, baroque music, beaches, being barefoot, being cooked for, besotted monogamy, bette davis, birkenstocks, blaue reiter, bookplates, books, cafe-sitting, chamber music, charlotte bronte, children's books, cigars, cinema in the afternoon, claude chabrol, coffee, conversation, cows, cox's orange pippins, disposable eighties pop, edward g robinson, elizabeth bowen, evie hone, fauvism, feminism, flat shoes, french bread, freudenschade, fruit, george eliot, gewurtztraminer, goat's cheese, good reading-lamps, gossip, green tea, gwen john, houseplants, humphrey bogart, hyacinths, ignorance about pop culture, intellectual snobbery, isabelle huppert, jack b yeats, jane austen, jewellery, john donne, le grand meaulnes, lebanese food, libraries, london, long hot baths, lucy snowe, malingering, marguerite duras, modernism, musing, navel-gazing, nineteenth-century novels, nouvelle vague, novel-writing, old jeans, oratorio, oxford, people-watching, poetry, potatoes of the night, pottery, pubs, rain, ralph touchett, re-reading, realism, recipe books, recycling, running, schadenfreude, secondhand bookshops, self-deprecation, semi-colons, shakespeare, shrugging, signed first editions, silence, silver rings, singing, slash, sleeping late, speaking french, state of moon, stone circles, stout, swearing, talk, tea, untidiness, vegetarianism, virginia woolf, washed cotton, window shopping, winter nights, woody allen films, worrying about carbon imprint